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Have you ever wondered how Benchmarks are born?

Have you ever wondered where benchmark workouts come from? These iconic workouts help us gauge our fitness, progress, and are a fun way to create a common language amongst our international CrossFit Community.

What many people don't know, is that Benchmarks are born, retired, and modified to meet the dynamic need of our CrossFit community.

Last month, CrossFit central asked Annie Sakamoto if she would take on an upgraded version of Annie — a new benchmark called Gymnasty Annie that adds presses to handstand to the original double-under and sit-up couplet. She noted she didn’t have presses to handstand but was willing to take on the challenge. See how it went.

Annie Sakamoto is the owner of CrossFit Santa Cruz and one of the first pioneers of the sport of CrossFit. She has competed in various CrossFit events and still manages the iconic SCCF!


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