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DEFINE YOUR SUCCESS - Crush your goals in 2023

New Year's resolutions are good! But setting a specific goal and charting your course to achieving that goal is a powerful way to reach new accomplishments inside and outside the gym.

For 2023 - MCXF is supporting your path to achieving your goals with a proven framework that makes your goal into a SMART GOAL:

2023 MCXF Goal Setting
Download PDF • 9.50MB

Specific - know and state exactly what you want!

Measurable - how are you going to know if you made progress? How can you and others track it?

Achievable - goal should challenge you outside of your comfort zone, but you should believe you can do it

Relevant - does it fit with the vision of yourself and what you're investing your time in?

Time-Bound - what is the "due date"? Not a year or a month - a specific date!

The framework helps you develop and frame your goals in a manner that is S.M.A.R.T so you can develop your Action Plan to reach it with the support and accountability of your Community.

Post your goals on the whiteboard in the gym. There's something special that happens when you write a goal down and having the support of the Community will help to increase the effectiveness through accountability and encouragement. As you move towards your goal, we'll celebrate your milestones and help to encourage you along the way. You can tape your goal from the last page of the framework worksheet on the board.

Aside from the Community, our Coaching Team will also support you with helping you refine your goals, craft your milestones, and of offering the best coaching feedback to help you continue to improve. This can be done by asking you how your progress is going? Where are you getting stuck? Do you need help in finding the right balance between challenging and realistic? Some ideas on how to break a goal down into steps that you can work on each week? Develop Your Action Plan After setting your goals - you'll set your Action Plan to reach them. In the framework provided, you'll have the opportunity to see sample action plans and develop your own. This the plan you'll follow as you work towards your goal.

From here, you'll do what you do hard and have fun. The support of the community and power of a written plan will provide you with a powerful tool and momentum to bring you beyond the goals you set for yourself. We'll be working alongside you and we'll support each other! Here's to a Strong, Healthy, and Happy New Year MCXF!

Because we will make it so!


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