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Restorative Yoga at MCXF!! - Join us Feb 10th at 6:45 PM

MCXF if happy to announce the start of a regular series of yoga classes by Natalie Pellow.

A key part of our comprehensive fitness methodology is the focus on mobility, stretching, and the restorative qualities of a deliberate program that provides these benefits to our athletes. The practice of Yoga provides many benefits including mobility, recovery, mindfulness, and focus. We have received overwhelming positive feedback from our previous yoga nights and we are excited to introduce a new series of 'restorative yoga' that is tailored to bring all of these benefits to our Community, taught by Natalie. (We'll be communicating the exact schedule for future yoga classes soon.)

Natalie is a Registered Yoga Instructor and holds a RYT Certification, having completed more than 200 hours of Yoga instructor training and is also certified with Reiki II. The specifics of which are super interesting! You'll have to ask Natalie more about this as we welcome her to our Community!

Natalie is KC Native and a new mom to the beautiful Miss Alice Nova, who keeps her and her husband, Travis, joyfully tasked. Natalie practiced and taught yoga until 37 weeks into her pregnancy! (sounds familiar with some of our Crossfit moms) and is passionate about the practice and lifestyle benefits of yoga, on....and off the mat.

Please join us in welcoming Natalie to our amazing Community by attending her first class at 6:45 this Friday, February 10th.

At MCXF, we believe that being the #bestinKC is title that's rented...not owned, and rent is due EVERY DAY. We are always looking for ways to provide the best membership experience for our athletes and Community. Stay tuned for future communications about exciting offerings we have planned including Yoga, Crossfit Kids, and our Friday Night Lights for Open 2023!


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