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Do Your Joints Hurt?

In the world of Crossfit… dealing with inflammation can be a daily struggle. Joint pain and joint discomfort is something most athletes deal with at some point! So what kind of supplements can we take for joint pain and inflammation that ACTUALLY work? Recently, I have been getting many questions about turmeric. I don't know if it was on Dr. Oz but the popularity of this supplement is on the rise! I wanted to shed a little light on turmeric; it's benefits, and correct dosing. First, most people are actually interested in the effects of Curcumin, the active ingredient in turmeric that helps with inflammation. So what are the benefits of Curcumin? Most notably it helps with inflammation in joints and in the heart. Curcumin helps to reduce plaque build up in the heart, making it a great supplement for anyone who has heart disease in their family or is diabetic. If you have wear and tear on your knees from heavy squats or pain in your shoulders from chicken wing’ing muscle ups... Curcumin can help to ease your discomfort. It has also been shown to help with cognitive decline in the elderly. "So can't I just eat curry bro?? WHOLE FOOD!!!!!" No. The biological availability of Curcumin is awful. You need to make sure this supplement is paired with peperine (black pepper). It will greatly increase absorption. 400-600mg per day is recommended. If you are interested in help with food digestion, take 4g's of turmeric a day without peperine, as this will help with colon inflammation. Other science backed supplements for joint pain- Cissus quadrangularis (my favorite... and yes, that name is real). With the open coming up… either one of these supplements should help perform at your best and avoid nagging joint pain! -Kyle Comes Dominate Your Life! Supplement Superstores 7344 W. 135th Street Overland Park, KS 66223 913-402-6813 Instagram S2Faction Facebook S2Faction Twitter: @S2Faction

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