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"I felt the need to become better and healthier."

Six months ago, while going through some old family pictures, I looked at myself in the mirror and I knew I had to do something about what I saw. I had become sedentary and overweight, and I felt the need to become better and healthier.

That day, I was invited to join MCXfit by a friend. The very next Monday I walked into the gym to schedule my fundamentals class.

Initially, my goal was to lose weight and to be healthier overall. I didn’t have a particular number in mind but as the weeks went by and progress started to illustrate itself, I knew I where I wanted to get to.

After 6 months of dedication, hard work, healthy eating and a lot of encouragement from family, friends and our community at MCXfit, I am proud to say I have lost 55 pounds and I have met my goal of being less than 200 pounds for the first time in over 10 years!

Goals are milestones in a journey and they are our motivation to keep going. I already have my sights on my next targets, and working on my biggest struggles which are running and jump rope (double unders). I’m nervous, but at the same time excited that I have our community backing me up, encouraging me every day and always pushing me to be better.


att. Carlos R. Márquez Fernández

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