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Crossfit Kids Program - The Importance of Doing it Right.

For some time, we have been wanting to offer a Crossfit Kids program. But time and time again, we have seen half-measures of Crossfit Kids Programs, which frankly, are not consistent with our commitment to provide our Membership the best experience possible. So, we have refrained until we had the appropriate resources in place to invest in this type of offering.

Rolling out a Crossfit Kids program is more complex than some may think. Well, at least doing it right.

To have a Certified Crossfit Kids program, Coaches need to go to a special Crossfit Certification program. The gym needs to invest in certain equipment that is appropriate for kids of the select age groups for safety, ergonomics, and overall movement success.

Secondly, the programming for kids classes needs to be carefully thought out so it offers the same benefit as Crossfit does for the adult body, but in a manner that is safe, varied, and ensures that our most precious athletes are building the foundations of longevity and functional movement for many decades to come.

Thirdly, the Coaching needs to be engaging, yet consistent and tailored to each age group that we are training. Certainly, we can't take the adult programming from our training platforms like Comptrain, or Mayhem and successfully push it down at scale to our kids - but we need to have a programming curriculum that is able to be pushed down in real-time to our coaching staff so our little athletes enjoy the benefits of constantly varied and functional movements.

Certainly, the culture and energy is crucial. As you can probably tell, we LOVE what we do in creating an environment where our Community can take form to encourage each Member to be the best version of themselves.

We take the energy and dynamic of this seriously and want to make sure we bring this same level of passion and professionalism to a Crossfit Kids program that may have a lasting impact on a young person's impression of a sport that they can do enjoy with their parents, friends, and their community for years to come.

Lastly, but not be overlooked is the facility, insurance, and official certifications. In the world we live in, this matters. It's important to have the peace of mind that we are delivering to a standard that members across the world can regards as the Crossfit standard of excellence.

For all these reasons, we knew we were better off to take a measured and deliberate approach when deciding IF and HOW we enter this chapter of MCXF. Consistent with our Community and Culture, we need your help in giving us 3-5 minutes of your time to complete the following survey:


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