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And the Winner Is.........MCXF Voted Best Crossfit Gym in Kansas City!

By: Nilson Goes

That's right, MC Crossfit was voted the Best Crossfit Gym in Kansas City for 2021.

To be honest, we know it's the best Crossfit Gym in Kansas City. Really, I'd put MC Crossfit up against any Crossfit Gym in the Country, if not the world. Sounds like a bold statement right? But....I also travel a lot for work and I always make it a point to drop into the local Crossfit box and get a workout, meet some new friends, and get ideas of how we can improve our gym for the community. Time and time again, I leave with a sense of gratitude for the communities (gyms) that welcome me as a drop-in, the network and family that Crossfit has created, and an even greater appreciation for our gym.

When we started MC Crossfit four years ago, we started with a clear goal in mind. To create the best membership experience by offering a clean, purpose-built facility with premier equipment, top-notch programming, and a professionally managed operation. We wanted to build a place that was welcoming to the person that was brand-new to Crossfit and the competitive athlete alike - and we also wanted to apply all the great things we have seen other gyms do, while improving on the things we felt could be improved.

What I could never have imagined was the most important ingredient in our Gym's success - the COMMUNITY. It's the intangible culture that develops when genuine relationships are built and nurtured. Watching the Community come together to watch a game, celebrate a birthday, or support each other through hard's been one of the most humbling and inspiring experiences that I've had.

I can say that we haven't taken it for granted. As an ownership group, we take notice of these 'little moments' and milestones as a big return on our investment. We've celebrated engagements, weddings. We've supported each other through loss and heartache. All under the banner of having a place to come together called MC Crossfit.

So, we receive this award in the spirit that defines the success of MC Crossfit. Not as a business, but as a Community. The spirit of each of you that define of our Community.

Your support and participation in our Community honors us. We'll never stop working for you.


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