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Which Whey is the Best Whey?

Whey protein. Feel lost? Feel like “protein is protein?” Feel tired of the protein farts? Is YOUR SPOUSE tired of YOUR protein farts?

If so… THIS is the blog article for you!

Whey protein is the most popular supplement in the world… and for good reason! Whey protein has an enriched amino acid profile that is perfect for helping with muscle recovery after a workout or supplementing to hit overall daily protein requirements.

The quality of whey protein is HIGHLY dictated upon…

  1. Purity

  2. How it is processed

“But does the quality of whey protein even matter??”

Of course it does! Lower quality whey proteins are going to be less biologically available (harder for your body to put to use) and will also cause gastric distress (remember your spouse doesn’t like the protein farts!)