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Mark your calendarios MCXF.....Amigos Con Kilos is Back!

MCXF's In-house competition, Amigos Con Kilos, returns after being moth-balled due to the pandemic. Mark your calendars for this event to celebrate our Community with an in-house competition on May 14th. We're planning for music, food trucks, fitness, and fun with your gym-homies!

This event will be open to all MCXF members to compete in teams across 3 divisions for a morning of friendly competition and celebration of the milestones we've achieved together! This May marks MCXF's 5th birthday, our emergence and perseverance through the COVID pandemic, and being recognized as Kansas City's best Crossfit Gym.....phew!

We'll share the deets in the upcoming weeks, but this event will be fun, inclusive, and accessible to any and all MCXF members. So mark your calendars, start thinking about a workout partner to compete with and get ready for a day filled with fun! You're also not gonna want to pass up the ACK 2022 merch!


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