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August Female Athlete of the Month

Marissa Brown - August Female Athlete of the Month

We are excited to announce MC Crossfit's first female athlete of the month, Marissa Brown! Marissa was chosen based on her encouragement to others and dedication to the MC CrossFit community.

Scroll down to learn more about this awesome athlete.

Full Name: Marissa Moment Brown

When did you join: May 2017

Occupation: Director of Community Tennis for the United States Tennis Association - Missouri Valley

What is your spirt animal: Turtle

Biggest Motivation: being healthy for myself and my family and being better than yesterday

Favorite quote: Focus not on doing less or doing more but on what you value.

Favorite Workout fuel: Coconut butter and a few pistachios or KETO OS

Favorite lift: Deadlift

Least favorite lift: Depends on the day, right now - Snatches

Favorite workout so far: Any that challenge me, so, that would be all of them!

Athlete of the Month Goals


Professional: Working to finish up a year long women's leadership development program

Athletic: Stronger, faster, better overall athlete - I am fairly new to functional fitness (I am one of the few in the Weightlifting class that doesn't have lifters), I am working on increasing the weight on my lifts, unassisted pull ups (currently addicted the band), handstand push ups and learning to embrace Satan's Tricycle (Assault Bike).

Why do you choose MC CrossFit? The athletes and the coaches. At MC CrossFit the environment is one that is inviting and friendly. The athletes help to hold you accountable, even if it is unsolicited. You get pushed to work harder, go a bit heavier, finish one more rep. Each of the coaches are giving their knowledge and tips to help you improve and are there motivating you through the workouts. Thanks to the athletes and coaches for embracing me as part of the MC CrossFit community and pushing me everyday to be better!

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