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September Male Athlete of the Month

Full name: Jarrod Michael Russell

Joined: Opening day

Occupation: Civil engineer (bridge designer/inspector)

Spirit animal: Jeff Neusel

Biggest motivation: At the end of the day to be completely satisfied with my effort in everything I did.

Favorite quote: "Do today what others won't, so tomorrow you can do what others can't."

Favorite workout fuel: Attack preworkout

Favorite lift: Clean & jerk

Least favorite lift: Burpees, not really a "lift" but they're just the worst

Favorite workout: Grace! The perfect redline burner to earn the coveted "Fran cough"

Personal goals: Buy a house and pay off my student loans

Professional goals: Earn my PE next October (Professional Engineer license)

Athletic goals: Qualify for Regionals someday... even Masters division if it takes that long lol

Reason for choosing MC: MC has the best programming I've found to-date, and the MC community is second to none. The amount of healthy competition and encouragement from the other athletes is a huge motivator to work hard everyday. The quality of the programming is evident in the skill, strength, and overall fitness improvements I've seen many of the athletes, including myself, achieve in the short time MC has been open.

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