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October Male Athlete of the Month

Full name: Charles Andrews

When did you join: May 15th (Opening Day)

Occupation: Affiliate Marketing/Small Business Owner

What Is your spirit animal? Brady Mora Fused with Rich Froning

Biggest Motivation: To be the best athlete I can be, win competitions (Beating Brady in a WOD)

Favorite Quote: It pays to be a winner

Favorite Workout Fuel: XS Preworkout mix

Favorite lift: Clean and Jerk

Least favorite Lift: Front squats

Favorite Workout so Far: EMOM Wednesdays. They tend to be the hardest.

Athlete's Goals:

Personal Goal: Increase savings, Read two books, Give more

Professional Goals: An immediate goal of mine is to add a quality business partner to my organization.

Athletic Goals: 5 Bar muscle ups in a row, Run 2 miles nonstop

Why do you like MC CROSSFIT

Great People

Great coaching

Amazing Facility

Elite programming

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