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Male Athlete of the Month - December

Full Name: Michael Lancaster

When did you join: July, 2017

Occupation: Operations Manager for Master's Transportation

What is your spirit animal: Wolf

Biggest Motivation: The mirror

Favorite quote: Hard work beats talent when talent doesn't work hard

Favorite Workout fuel: Literally anything with Peter Pan honey roasted peanut butter

Favorite lift: Squat snatch

Least favorite lift: Backsquat

Favorite workout so far: This is tough. It is a toss up between DT or 21-15-9 Thrusters and bar facing burpees

Athlete of the month goals

Personal: Get back to 200lbs

Professional: Assume responsibilities of operations at all of our locations nationwide

Athletic: strict pull ups, double unders, 220 lb snatch, 250 clean, 2:30 Grace time

Why do you choose MC CrossFit? The people, everywhere you look there is athletes that are committed to becoming better. We all want to surround ourselves with hard working, successful people, and that is what we have at MC. Coaching is excellent. The open gym on Sundays has been extremely helpful in allowing myself to practice and become better.

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