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Female Athlete of the Month - March

Athlete of the Month: Sarah Myers

When did you join: When the gym opened in May!

Occupation: I am a flight nurse for LifeNet 🚁

What is your spirt animal: How about spirit athlete?—Katrin Davidsdottir!!

Biggest Motivation: Working hard and getting stronger everyday, and seeing it payoff with those PRs!

Favorite Workout fuel: Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy for some pre workout caffeine 💪🏻

Favorite lift: Power cleans!

Least favorite lift: Thrusters 😑

Favorite workout so far: Hmm..DT and Grace are challenging and fun!

Athlete of the month goals:

Personal: Staying motivated and not giving up when I want to quit (especially during the Wednesday EMOMs 😰)

Professional: Provide great care to all of my patients.

Athletic: Get a bar muscle up in the open this year! 🤞🏼

Why do you choose MC CrossFit? I love the encouragement and energy of all the other members and coaches. The workouts are challenging and fun, and I enjoy working out with such a great group of people!

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