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Athlete of the Month - May

Stacy Douglas Vacca

When did you join: June 2017

Occupation: Network/Security Sales Architect

What is your spirit animal: No clue

Biggest Motivation: Self Improvement

Favorite quote: Failure doesn't come from falling down. Failure comes from not getting up!

Favorite Workout fuel: Donuts :) or

Favorite lift: Overhead Squat

Least favorite lift: Split Jerk

Favorite workout so far: yesterdays, honestly I enjoy a lot of different workouts. Being physically drained at the end is the goal!

Athlete of the Month Goals

Personal: Enjoying life and making the most out of it. Being the best you can be. Life is too short!

Professional: To be a trusted advisor.

Athletic: To get stronger and be better at gymnastics. 2018 goals include getting more efficient at ring muscle ups, handstand walks, handstand pushups and running. I should include double-unders but I just hate them!