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MCXF Member Communication

Sharing a few key points for your information, awareness, and participation!

Housekeeping & Logistics - This weekend, December 3rd & 4th - our neighbors at Eagles gymnastics will be hosting a large competition. This means that our parking dynamics may be challenged for these days. We will do our best to reserve our spots so they are available for you on both days, but please be aware of this dynamic and plan accordingly. Also, please be aware of more kiddos and grown people in the parking lots as you drive through!

New Gear! - You may have seen some cool new t-shirts and gear in the pro-shop. These creative designs are available while they last! Please talk to one of the coaches if you want to purchase a shirt that is not in the

PushPress Store to make payments. You'll want these limited edition shirts!

Also- remember that part of your membership benefit is to purchase and order Lululemon gear at a discount! Inquire with Nilce if you want to make any custom orders for Lululemon gear or pick up some gear in time for the holidays!

Nitrobrew IS A HIT!

Thanks for all your feedback about the Nitrobrew Coffee

We are glad that you enjoy it! We went through the first run quickly! A new Colombian Roast has been brewed and is stock for you to enjoy in the Lounge. Cream is stored in the beverage refrigerator.

Holiday Challenge is ON! You may have seen this challenge from Nathan on our SugarWod Communications. The Challenge is active and goes through December 24th.

The Challenge is to move your body 5-6 times a week. This is meant to benefit you physically and mentally!

If you can't make it into the gym, that's okay. Go ahead and log your workout on Sugarwod and enter what you did for your physical activity in the notes section.

A max of 2 points are given for each day you record activity. Whoever has the most points by the end of the Challenge (Dec 24th) will WIN a prize package that will be awarded during our famous '12 Days of Crossfit WOD'.

We are live! Use the challenge to keep yourself accountable and most importantly, taking care of yourself during demanding and sometimes stressful time of the year!


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