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Stability: The Overlooked Key to Success

A common misconception in training is that mobility is the most important component in self care and training. In my opinion, mobilization and mobility techniques are important for many reasons; decreasing tension on joints, adhesion removal, increasing tissue range of motion, etc. However, while seeing athletes in my office, if we are only mobilizing, we often see sub par results. The concept of “stabilization” is probably, in my opinion the most important missing piece in training. Whether you are an athlete in my office or an athlete that is wanting to learn more on their own, learning to stabilize may be the missing link to your progression in the gym.

Terms to understand:

Range of Motion -- the distance and direction the joint can move.

Flexibility -- the absolute range of motion in a tissue, joint or system of joints.

Mobility -- the body’s ability to achieve proper range of motion without restriction.