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Master Technique or Poor Technique Will Master You

Speed or technique? I think that we can all agree that speed and technique are essential components of any athletic endeavor. We can probably also agree that in the spirit of safety, technique is more important than speed in the training environment. So why is there the tendency to forgo technique as soon as the clock starts ticking?

In my opinion, good technique is the ultimate mobilizer, a wonderful pain reducer, a PR increaser and a confidence builder. As a chiropractor, I am constantly addressing technique issues related to biomechanics. When a patient (and many coaches may notice this with athletes) comes to me with a painful condition, especially noticeable while lifting, the direct correlation between their pain and the exercise is usually quite obvious. It often has to do with poor biomechanics, and more specifically, the inability to sustain proper biomechanics through a sustained amount of time.

First, let us define a few terms:

Biomechanics - The study of the mechanics of a living body, especially of the forces exerted by muscles and gravity on the skeletal structure

Speed - The time taken to cover a fixed distance. ie. how fast an olympic lifter can get their elbow under the bar on a clean; or how quickly tha