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Male Athlete of the Month - February

Full Name: Alan Dennis Espinoza

When did you join: Opening Day May 15, 2017

Occupation: Virtual Construction Modeler at MMC Contractors (Just down the road from the box). We provide plumbing and HVAC piping services for large complex buildings across the country. I basically lead a team that builds the job in a 3D environment to translate a quicker more efficient product for field installation.

What is your spirit animal: Don't have one.

Biggest Motivation: My biggest motivation coming to MC CrossFit is knowing that CrossFit is going to make me a better husband, father, employee and just and overall better person. Knowing that I can do this for the rest of my life and consistently improve motivates me to show up. It's easier when you have the accountability of the family at MC. If you miss a day..... or four.... you'll definitely get called out (on Facebook).

Favorite quote: "Work Hard. Have Fun."-Tim Chadwick CEO MMC Corp

Favorite Workout fuel: I actually prefer to workout on an empty stomach, because if I ate before a workout, you wouldn't want to see what would happen during/after the WOD. After my workout I usually like to eat oatmeal with blueberries.

Favorite lift: Squat Cleans..... All Day!

Least favorite lift: Single arm Dumbbell Overhead Squats

Favorite workout so far: Anything with cycling Push-Press

Athlete of the Month Goals

Personal: To be better than I was last year.

Professional: Be able to contribute in major decisions that will impact the greater good of the entire company.

Athletic: Strict Pull-Up, Squat Clean 265, Lose another 40 pounds.

Why do you choose MC CrossFit?

The timing of the MC's Opening couldn't have come at a better time. The previous gym that I went to abruptly shut it's doors and left me pretty devastated. It wasn't the bricks and mortar or even the brand that was hard to lose, but the relationships and friends that I gained through grinding with my fellow 5:15teeners. After hearing that Coach Brenden was coming from the previous gym and that the Box was going to be about a minute down the road from MMC Contractors, it was a no brainer to join MC. I am grateful that a majority of the crew from the previous gym joined me at MC CrossFit. It has been great to combine my previous community with a new and equally as awesome community. I am thankful for all those involved in bringing such world class facility to the area. Also, thanks to all the coaches for pushing us to be better.

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